Thursday, June 04, 2015

Some things no one tells you...

1) Tractor clutches are nothing like car clutches.

2) Never let the tractor run out of diesel.

3) Paper wasps build anywhere, especially in tractors.

4) Snapper turtles grow as big as manhole covers in Philly.

5) Red tailed hawks will buzz over you screaming in a tone that your reptile brain recognizes as "PREDATOR!!!!" And your heart will race and you will freeze and miss the awesome camera shot that is etched in your brain.

6) The brushhog will run over anything, and it won't always be a good thing.

7) Fawns.  More later.

8) You will be allergic to poison ivy at some point. Even if you never were before.

9) Waiting two weeks to mow means having to use the brushhog again. Unlike your suburban lawn.

10)  There will be so much love/fun/joy.

11) There will be so much frustration/annoyance/irritation.

12) You will be tired. Too tired to make dinner (but you'll get it done).  Too tired to stay awake after the kids go to bed at 8pm.

13) No matter how many roofers you call, only three will get back to you.  Ditto electricians, masons, and carpenters.  You'll wonder if anyone really wants to work.  Then you realize that they all have farms too.

14)  Add $200-$2000 to every estimate.  Deferred maintenance is expensive.  Especially things deferred for 20 or 40 years.

15)  No, you can't do it all yourself.  And that's okay.

16) Ask for help.  It's okay.  People want to help.

17)  This is a full-time job.

Head first

One thing that happens, when you fall in love, is that nothing seems to big or too hard.

Here is 8 acres, 1975 Ford compact tractor that no one has parts for and a silt-filled pond with a crumbling dam.
Here is a dead woman's dream, her two girls and her grieving husband... oh and her 82 year old mother.

Make it work.